Monday, May 31

Kirrily Hammond

Another artist I really admire is Kirrily Hammond. Her paintings are evocative and well beyond her years... capturing the mood of that short amount of time between day and night: twilight. The urban and rural landscapes are barely visible in the dusk, but for me they have a special significance as they remind me of the many driving holidays I had with my family as a child, driving home at dusk when the lights are shimmering in the distance - we used to call it 'fairyland'. In some of the 'Gippsland twilight' series you get the feeling of driving through the rain, a foggy windscreen blurring the view through the window, the Australian diamond-shaped yellow street signs glaring at you - and I love the way they are so atmospheric and Turneresque.

Albion St 2
Albion St
Gippsland twilight 10
Gippsland twilight 12
Gippsland twilight 21
Gippsland twilight 24
Gippsland twilight 27
Gippsland twilight 28
Gippsland twilight 34
Gippsland twilight 42
all images from Kirrily Hammond

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