Friday, May 14

Polly Jones

I was gob-smacked when I found Polly Jones' painting blog.... her paintings are awesome! I just had a look back to her earlier paintings from 4 years ago when she began blogging and her work has become more refined and more fresh at the same time. Her paintings are just lovely to look at and as a still life painter, I really admire the freshness and vitality of her work. Here are some of my favourites, which, I have to admit, I keep on going back to look at again and again.
Two Teapots
This painting is from 2006. The teapot at the back drew me to it, with it's detail and reflected colours on the surface.
Silver Sugar Bowl
Having attempted to paint a silver teapot I know how difficult it is to paint silver, but she makes it look so easy!!
Limes in Blue Willow
I just love the detail in the willow china in this one.
Clementines in Blue Willow
and again a completely different willow...
Blue Willow with a Chance of Tea
such an amazing teaspoon!
Love this work in progress shot
Still life
The glass dish here is incredible!
You could just pick one up off the plate and eat it!
Peach Puzzle
Just look at the reflection of the tea towel in the underside of the bowl - gorgeous!
Homage to Matisse
work in progress
Milk Glass Vase and others
I wanted to see more of the painting in the top left of this shot...
...and here it is!
This Lime That Lemon
Mixing Oil and Water
The glass here is one of my favourties!
Winter Sunflowers
One of the best for last - that clear glass vase and water are so beautiful!
all images from polly jones

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