Monday, July 19

Art in Action 2010

Artists at work
This was my second time visiting Art in Action. My first visit was blogged about here. I think the first time I was completely blown away by the talent and array of artists, but returning for a second visit was a bit of an anti-climax. Many of the same artists were there which is to be expected, but it kind of took away the surprise factor (don't know what else I was expecting!). On the other hand, I was completely smitten by 3 artists who I hadn't seen before, whose work was just amazing. They are all female and of course the work is bright, colourful and fresh. They are Carry Akroyd, Jenny Wheatley and Hannah McVicar. All totally different styles, subjects and techniques - and all fantastic!
(I think I may have to post on Jenny Wheatley and Hannah McVicar in a separate post tomorrow)
First up: Carry Akroyd
Carry Akroyd paints in oils, acrylics and watercolour as well as being a printmaker. She has collaborated with poet John Clare to produce a beautiful book of poems and paintings influenced by the stunning British landscape, Landscape Change, John Clare and Me.

Summer Parish

South Eau Bank
Out of Doors
Pink Sky Patchwork
Sulgrave Winter
Open Woodland
A Small Lake
Floods Ferry
Moon Fox
Pink River
Towards the Border
images from Carry Akroyd


  1. I love "flocking". Beautiful and fluid! :)

  2. Oh my .. gorgeous!! I'd love to spend some time there.. The elephant is coming up beautifully isnt it??? I would have been standing right there.. :-)

  3. Very beautiful...very creative!!Would love to spend some time there...
    A nice post indeed :)


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