Thursday, July 8


interior of Hagia Sophia
I arrived home last night after a wonderful week in Istanbul with Mum. My cousin (from Australia) who has been living and working there for 2 years got married to an American who teaches in Istanbul, so we went for the wedding. Had a relaxing and interesting time! Mostly took photos of shops as well as some sights we saw, mainly mosques. I'll do my best to label the photos. It's a truly beautiful city with a fascinating history.
above 2 images Hagia Sophia
interior of Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque
outside the Grand Bazaar
beautiful shops and arcades in the Grand Bazaar
tiled walls in Suleymaniye Mosque
Suleymaniye Mosque
Topkapi Palace
buildings in back streets near Istiklal Caddesi
evening crowds on Istiklal Caddesi
wall mural on building near Galata Tower
traditional felt dolls
more tempting items to purchase
a church on Istiklal Caddesi
more pasaji
Bosphorus Bridge from the Bosphorus (Strait)
2 tiled murals in the funicular railway station at Kabatas
some gorgeous shops


  1. oh lovely.. lovely.. I've been to Instanbul 10 years ago.. and it still looks the same in your pics.. They have such beautiful amazing history.. but none of the buildings were well maintained.. The Grand bazaar (i think!) was my favourite... We also went to some hilltop called Bursha.. or Busra.. I think..

    It was a lovely holiday. HOpe you had a good time at the wedding.. :-)

  2. Oh those boots- are they suede? gorgeous! and that stack of dishes....Its like shopping heaven. :) Lovely pictures, Natalie! So what did you purchase?

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments! My main purchase was a rug for my husband's birthday - if you ever buy a rug or carpet anywhere, it should be Turkey!


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