Monday, May 14


As you may or may not know, I've been doing a little surface pattern design course called the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, developed by designer Rachel Taylor. So far it's been 'back to basics' with colour theory, developing motifs and sketching. We've been looking at colour this last week and as part of that I've photographed some of the colour schemes I'm seeing around my bedroom and kitchen. Didn't realise I liked dusky pink so much!
 b'day card from my sister (covered with fabric)
little notebook and sketchbook pile on my bedside table
 beautiful mug designed by Kim Parker
 my Australian seed pod collection (banksia, bottlebrush and gum)
 vintage glass bottles on my bedroom mantlepiece
 a 'pin cushion' given me by my husband - it's actually a magnet out of a speaker, but it keeps my pins off the floor!
pottery and cup collection on my kitchen windowsill


  1. love the top pic ... the fabric is superb !

  2. Thanks Nanditark - my sister sent me that birthday card and she bought it in Melbourne! She has good taste doesn't she!


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