Thursday, September 24

Cheery tropical gardens

As the northern hemisphere moves into winter, we need a few tropical gardens from Australia to cheer us up. I'm thinking of planting some tropical plants in my London garden to make me feel more at home (a bit late perhaps after 12 years) but they will add colour too. It's not a good thing that they can now survive the winters here though...

photo: cairns unlimited

last 4: abc

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  1. Hi Nat,
    I used to live in London and moved out to Tunbridge Wells. I too yearn for a tropical garden and created a tropical garden in my London house, now i am doing the same in West Kent.
    Good hardy plants are Musa Bajoo (banana), Chusan Palms, Giant bamboos from cold mountainous regions, phormiums, crocosmia, day lilies, hardy Yuccas and grasses, rhododendrons and azaleas. Plenty of tree ferns (dixsonia)
    Good Luck!!


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