Tuesday, March 8

grand designs australia

I was lucky enough to catch the first ever episode of Grand Designs Australia when I was there. Unfortunately i can't watch them from the UK, but I have been able to see snippets of most episodes on the website. The first episode was fantastic but the story was tragic - Chris had just finished building his dream house 2 weeks before it was completely destroyed in the Victorian bushfires of February 2009. This episode shows how he rebuilds his home, modifying it to withstand another bushfire (hopefully that won't happen in the same area again). This house is a perfect mix of modern style with abundant use of natural materials and sensitivity to the environment.

all images from Lifestyle Channel Australia


  1. I love this interior so much, especially the degree of inside/outside space intergation. Very inspiring.


  2. This is so beautiful, and so natural! Great post x

  3. Wow ! nice house that u have. i liked it very much
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