Wednesday, March 23

purple love

So here are a few recent homemade bits and pieces. Top left: Priya in a floral print jersey smock-style top (made by me); top and bottom right: Priya's idea to reuse the ends of fat candles as jewellery holders; bottom left: Priya's patchwork cushion cover which fits on a 56cm square cushion for her room (her first ever sewing machine project); middle right: the back of the cushion, with 2 tiny purple flower buttons to secure it shut. Did you guess that her favourite colour is purple?

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  1. Hello Nat

    I've just found your blog via desire to Inspire
    which is lucky for me because it's just lovely.
    So lovely in fact that I'm going to become your newest follower...I'm looking forward to looking at some more of its loveliness in the future.


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