Thursday, March 17

Sharyn Cairns

I've had a cold all week and today no voice so am taking advantage of lying on the sofa all day with the laptop, looking up nice things on the internet to blog about. Lately I've become more interested in developing my photography skills and along with learning the more technical stuff, I love the fun side of it too - looking at others' work. A favourite Aussie photographer is Sharyn Cairns who I blogged about here. Her work is stunning, being mostly of food and interiors, mostly shot from an interesting angle... with very dramatic lighting. I can learn a lot from her! She usually works with 2 outstanding Australian stylists - Glen Proebstel and Megan Morton (but more on them later). I'm not much of a writer especially when it comes to art, so I'll let these images speak for themselves!

all images from Sharyn Cairns

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