Tuesday, March 15

modern provincial industrial

This house in West Hobart caught my eye as I was real estate browsing. Built in 1885, it's Victorian Italianate with masses of space. The owner has renovated and decorated in a sparse but stylish way, maximising on space and natural light, sticking to a black and white colour scheme throughout. Loving the b&w kitchen!
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  1. wow, that kitchen is amazing. i'm loving how big it is and with the cozy sitting area at one end, perfect. it was great to find your blog through desire to inspire where we were both featured this week!!!

  2. Hey there, this is my brother's house! He just found this blog and sent me the link. He outlined the pattern in the kitchen in pencil then painted the squares one by one! Dedication plus. You can practically live out of that kitchen.

  3. Why thank you, That is my house.... anyone want to buy it, it's on the market

  4. Yes it is a gorgeous house - the kitchen photo made it on to desire to inspire last week!


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